Bodypoppers Dynamics - LGA 1972 Section 145 Success

January 8, 2015

In 2014 Bodypoppers Dynamics recieved a LGA 1972 Section 145 grant to go towards helping them produce this event, we love to hear success stories after a grant has been issued and this one looks excellent.


Body Poppers Dynamics is a unique dance school in Newtown that is now in their twelth year. The school strives off creative and new ideas that have given them a clear individual style. Different dance techniques such as street, commercial dance, contemporary and jazz technique brought together with acting skills, helps to push the choreography to tell a story through dance and movement. Melanie Jayne Lee the dance teacher and choreographer of the school says that her musical theatre background and ability to tell a story through her choreography has definitely, in hand with her talented students, given them clear success in dance competitions over the years. 


Leaving the competitive field and stepping into performance skills Melanie had written a dance show called FANTASY that is about a boys struggle when he finds an enchanted book that takes him to a land full of myth and wonder. He stumbles apon a legend of two sister queens who were pure and true inside, until the day an unwanted gift was left by there side..... 

The performance is at Theatre hafren on Saturday 7th February and all children from ages 4-18 are performing. Everybody is welcome to come and be entertained and support your talented young people in Newtown.

Tickets £9 | Family £6 Book online now at or call our Box Office on 01686 614 555



If you are interested in applying for a Local Government grant please download the form here.