‘Fluent Aphasia’

October 23, 2013


‘Fluent aphasia’ alludes to the essential nature of language, both as an articulation of self in the building of relationships, and as a device in the function of memory. The title positions two conflicting notions encompassed within the film, that of fluency, alongsidean inability to understand.

Lydia’s practice dwells upon processes of memory and its disintegration, drawing on personal relationships and in particular anecdotal recollections of her Grandmother. The film is an evocative remembrance, its central character bound to every layer. Its narrative jumps between time; the home-video as if pulled from its ragged cardboard slip which has yellowed and torn at its edges; Carrie’s time as caught on camera; and the narrator’s distant recollections. For the viewer there is a jump from real time into these accounts, an initial disorientation that slowly resolves as the portrait unfolds…

Lydia Meehan is a recent graduate of Fine Art at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Her practice is cross-disciplinary, and often includes elements of sculpture, installation, photography and collage. A further iteration has been through her own performance, often in the form of unscripted monologues, durational silences, conversations, transcripts and the re-enactment of personal memories.

Curated by Jess Mathews.