Gas pipe replacement scheme: Newtown

May 6, 2015

Wales and West Utilities have started work on 5 May on a 17 week £80,000 investment scheme to replace more than 800 metres of gas pipe in Newtown to make sure the area continues to receive a safe and reliable supply of gas for years to come.

This is essential work to replace old metal gas pipes with new plastic ones that have a lifespan of more than 80 years. In planning this scheme, we have worked closely with the local authority, and kept local people and politicians informed of what we are planning.

To keep disruption to a minimum, the scheme has been divided into phases:

  • Phase one will involve laying approximately 125 metres of new gas pipe in Llys Ifor, starting on 5 May, and should be completed within two weeks. We will complete this work using ‘give and take’ traffic management.
  • Phase two will involve a road closure of Barn Lane from Canal Road. Access for residents will be maintained. We will start working on this phase on 14 May and it is anticipated it will take nine days to complete

  • Phase three will involve laying 45 metres of new gas pipe in Chapel Street. This is due to begin on 27 May, and should be completed by 22 June. To make sure the general public, road users and our workforce are kept safe while we work, four-way traffic lights on the junction of Commercial Street and Chapel Street will be required. A one-way order will also be placed on Chapel Street for the duration of this phase. Access to Chapel Street will be via Cross Street and Frankwell Street.

  • Phase four will involve laying 115 metres of new gas pipe on Golwygdre Lane. This is scheduled to start on 26 May and is anticipated to take three weeks. Due to the narrowness of Golwygdre Lane, this phase of the work will be completed under a temporary road closure. Access will be maintained for the residents of Golwygdre Lane but, at times, the lane may not be open to pedestrians due to the location of our holes.

  • Phase five will involve laying 180 metres of new gas pipe on Canal Road. This is scheduled to start on 15 June and is anticipated to take five weeks. Again, to keep everyone safe, there will be traffic lights on Canal Road from the junction of Golwygdre Lane to the theatre.

  • Phase six will involve laying 45 metres of new gas pipe around the B4568 roundabout and 190 metres of new gas pipe in Commercial Street (from the B4568 roundabout to the theatre). This is due to begin on 20 July and should take six weeks to complete. While this phase is being completed, there will be a one way system where traffic may travel westbound only from Canal Road toward the B4568 roundabout, and temporary traffic lights the B4568 roundabout. Road users exiting Chapel Street and Cross Street may turn left only.


For any more information head to Wales and West Utilities Website.