Group to develop Newtown’s open spaces

July 5, 2013

Following a well attended public meeting on 14th May, The Town Council has recently hosted a meeting of representatives from a wide range of leisure and open space users.

The upshot of this is that a group has been formed to act as a communication channel between users and those with management oversight. Andy Clayton has been elected as group Chairman.  Town Councillor Tom Chandler says “This is a great opportunity to develop and manage Newtown’s open spaces. This group can gather peoples ideas and enthusiasm, and explore ways to make them reality.”

The group discussed a range of ideas, from bmx tracks, through parkland grass management and railway station makeover, to community vegetable growing spaces.

Andy said that the next step is to arrange a constitution with the help of PAVO, and the next meeting will be at the Ustrike bowling club on July 10th, at 7pm.  

“Although we have a large membership we still need to appoint a Treasurer, so would be delighted if anyone wished to join the committee in this role.”

The group will be developing a social media site, but in the meantime the group can be contacted via the town clerk.