Newtown Town Council remains concerned about its building

October 7, 2013

At the full council meeting on Monday the on-going subject of the Town Council’s building remained on the agenda. It is turning out to be a big and difficult issue for the Town Council to grapple with. Council members were informed by the Clerk (to the Town Council), Jenn Jones, that the Fire Officer’s report required a substantial list of improvements which had to be carried out immediately. The costs of carrying out these improvements were estimated to be well in excess of £20,000 and not all the estimates for the work are yet known.

To compound problems the Council is unclear from the legal paperwork as to who is ultimately responsible for bearing the costs. It would seem that having taken initial legal advice from the Council’s solicitors, the legal ownership of the building is a confusing picture, going back to when the Council’s predecessor in title first occupied the premises at the start of the 20th century.

It was unanimously agreed that the council would actively explore vacating the building and that further legal advice be sought. This would ensure that the Council makes the right long term decisions in the best interests of of all the people and interest groups of the town.