Opportunity for Newtown to Grow Wild

July 5, 2013

A major UK project to get thousands of people to become involved with wildflowers is looking at an idea germinating here in Newtown.

Grow Wild is Kew Gardens ambitious plan to involve nearly half the UK’s population in experiencing the plants and wildflowers of the UK in their own towns and villages. This summer and autumn they are in search of showcase sites – one each for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Here in Wales we are looking to see if Trehafren Hill – 14 acres at the heart of the community – might become Wales’ showcase. The opportunity is being explored by the Town Council in conjunction with Cwm Harry and others in the town and if Kew Gardens and the Lottery like the idea then we can spend the summer thinking it through with our community before taking it any further in the autumn.

Trehafren Hill is already a wildlife rich series of meadows with many mature trees across it. Any plan would have to build on this and show how native Welsh flowers and plants can be encouraged to grow and thrive in the heart of the town. Already home to the community orchard planted last year there is the opportunity to continue this and allow the site to provide food for free to the communities that surround it. Whilst it is already well used by some it might be nice to make it available to all in Newtown but all the time recognising that one if its charms is the sense of seclusion and wilderness it offers. But with some careful planning done alongside our residents then perhaps a plan for the future of the hill – which was originally named ‘The Hump’ - could emerge.

If you would like to know more or get involved please contact us and we hope to have news by the end of July.