Short Strolls 3 Dolerw Park Loop

This is one of our short strolls around town. They are suitable as a lunchtime break or just to get the cobwebs out of the system. This one circumnavigates Dolerw Park for a green stroll in the centre of town.

1.3 miles • 30 minutes • Easy




Approached from Back Lane car park, the walk starts and ends at the pedestrian bridge. It is a flat walk on mown grass, but waterproof shoes/trainers are recommended after wet weather.

Cross the bridge over the river Severn looking for some wooden steps down to your right. The steps lead into Dolerw Park where the walk follows the outline of shrubs and river Severn on your right hand side.

After a short distance you will notice the community orchard on your left; recently planted by Newtown Rotary and beyond it Gorstedd Stone circle (more information available on the notice board you will reach later on the walk). After walking around the stones continue with shrubs on your right, crossing over one of the hardcore paths to the next hardcore path. Over the second path follow the meandering shrub line on your right and you will reach a bench along side the third hardcore footpath. Resisting using the path, continue to follow the meandering shrub line until you reach the footpath again. The more adventurous can also follow the trail through the small wood.  It emerges again onto the grass.

Take the hardcore path with shrubs either side and in a very short distance is a  notice board on your left.

After looking at the board leave the hardcore path to take the mown grass path straight ahead to its end to find the river Severn below.

To return to the bridge follow the path with the River Severn on your right until you see the pedestrian bridge ahead. Near the bridge walk towards a group of trees and shrubs on your left to find wooden steps taking you back onto the bridge and the Starting point.


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