Charles Rex Shayler


Telephone 01686 521518
Ward North
Party Affiliation Conservative
Office None
Committee Services


I retired from my position as the ADR Bay Controller in the RAF station on Anglesey to be near my daughter and granddaughter here in Newtown where I have been living for fourteen years.

I have previously been on Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council a few years back where it was a privilege to be elected as Deputy Mayor.

I enjoy being involved with community activities such as the Community Health Council, Robert Owen Museum, River Seven Custodians and Dial-a-Ride giving me the chance to meet and talk to people on their views for the future of our town.

Councillor Stats

Date took office 26.11.18 (The start of continuous service)


DNA = data not available
X = Councillor not in office

Attendance Record

Your Council’s decisions are made at meetings of the council or its committees.  Your Councillors have a duty to attend all meetings of the Council and meetings of the Committees of which they are members, unless an absence is approved by the meeting for a stated reason, for example a council duty elsewhere or ill-health.

Note that some councillors have been required to attend more meetings than others by reason, for example, of a shorter term of office or lesser number of committees to which elected, so the reader is advised to consider both the total number and the percentage when interpreting the attendance record.

Year (April – Mar) Total Required Meetings Total Required Meetings Attended (including Approved Absences) % of Required Duty Met Other Meetings Attended
May 22 – May 23 DNA      
2023-24 DNA      

Training Record

There are no legal requirements for councillors to undertake training either before or after being elected.  However, this Council does require that all councillors undertake Code of Conduct training within six months of taking office and encourages all councillors to take advantage of training offered by organisations operating in the local council sector.

Year Course

Outside Body Appointments

Year Outside Body
2022-23 Montgomery Canal Partnership
  Shropshire Union Canal Society
 2023-24 Sarah Brisco Trust
  Climate Action Newtown (tbc)


Project Leads and other Responsibilities

Project Start Date End Date 
Climate Emergency representative Pre 2022  


Declarations of Interests

Your Councillors are obliged to observe the Code of Conduct.  In doing so they will declare their personal and prejudicial interests in matters being discussed in meetings.  Note that in Wales councillors are not required to declare interests in a Resister of Interests, but must declare them whenever they occur in meetings.

No current Declarations of Interests to display

Payments to Members

Your Councillors are entitled to payments (remuneration) at levels determined by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales though they may choose to opt out of all or some of the payments.  Note that some councillors may have lesser entitlement if joining or ceasing part way through the year.

The total amounts shown here, are made up of various allowances including a care allowance.

Year Total Payments
May 2022-May 2023 £510.00

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