Val Howard


Telephone01686627719 – 07989151408
Party AffiliationIndependent
OfficeServices (Vice Chair)


I’m Val Howard I have lived in Newtown for 42 years and have raised 4 children here, I also have 8 grandchildren.  I met my late husband Cliff here and lived in Newtown to support our family.  I joined the Town Council 13 years ago, to work with the community.  I became mayor in 2002 – 04 and again in 2011 – 2013. I endeavour to do my best.

Working on the Town Council has taken me in various directions, I run the Monday Club for the elderly residents of Newtown, and I arrange day trips and holidays.

My interests are driving, dancing, cooking and sewing and generally being around the young and old inhabitants of the town.

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