Robert Owens Tomb

St Mary’s church was built in the 13th century and was Newtown’s parish church for 500 years. However it was frequently flooded by the river and a new parish church, St David’s was built on higher ground in 1847. Some parishioners were reluctant to relocate to the new church, so the nave and chancel remained in use until 1863 when the roof blew off in a storm. Even then services continued in the room at the base of the tower until about 1916.

The tomb of Robert Owen, the world renowned social reformer is enclosed behind the commemorative railings.

There is also a plaque commemorating Thomas Powell, a leading local member of the Chartist movement.

Did you know?

In 1856 the medieval church of St Mary’s that had predated the town itself was abandoned due to flooding.

Inside the ruinous nave is a mausoleum for the Pryce family of Newtown Hall.

St Mary’s church was built in the 13th century

The tomb of Robert Owen is located at the church.