Town Clock

The Cross Buildings stand at the end of the High Street link at its junction with Broad Street, Severn Street and Shortbridge Street. It is a striking Victorian brick edifice with some intricate details in stone, the Clock Tower is perhaps the most iconic sight in Newtown.

The building was designed by Wood & Kendrick of Birmingham and erected at the expense of Sarah Brisco to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Building works started in 1898, although it bears the date 1899 it was not completed until 1900. It was originally occupied by Barclays Bank and three shops, but the bank has since extended into all but one of the shops.

Sarah Brisco, a descendant of the Pryce family, owners of Newtown Hall. The town clock (not the tower) was given to the people of Newtown in 1900. The clock face is around 1m across and has a white face with black detailing. The number 1 to 12 are in roman numerals, and it has two hands only.

Did you know?


Building this iconic structure started in 1989, the project was not finished until


The Clock face is approximately 1meter across and had beautiful black detailing


In 1900 Newtown was gifted the Clock and Bells in the tower by Sarah Brisco


Standing outside the clock you can see down the four main streets of Newtown centre.