Textile Museum

A place with a past and a place with a future

The Textile Museum is now closed for Winter. We aim to re-open in May 2021.

It will be open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week.

The opening hours will be 12.00 – 4.00 pm on weekdays, and 10.30 – 4.0pm on Saturdays.  We will also be open on Bank Holidays.

Tours can be arranged by appointment. Details can be found on the web site.

Staffed entirely by volunteers we hope you will want to join us in maintaining this wonderful building and its contents for now and on into the future.

Please contact us direct on: secretary@newtowntextilemuseum.co.uk or through this link on the web site.

You can also help by making a donation. All of our funds will have to be raised voluntarily. Donations can now be made through the museum’s web page.

Your donation will make a huge difference. Thank you.

The Textile museum, just over the Long Bridge from the centre of Newtown, celebrates the woollen industry, which brought wealth and recognition to Newtown in the 18th and 19th centuries. The collection is housed in an old woollen mill building and shows machines used by weavers and the difficult and dangerous working conditions that mill workers endured.


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