Short Stroll 10 Trehafren Circumnavigation

This walk is along mostly level paved paths with a section along a quiet road. It takes you clockwise right around the natural beauty spot of Trehafren Hill and identifies the various access points on to the hill to extend your walk should you wish to. As with all our short stroll loops, you can join the circuit wherever suits you.

0.9 miles • 20 minutes • Easy



If you start from the main NE Entrance track by the roundabout, face the track and take the gravel path to the left. You will have the hill on your right and the football ground to the left.  Ignore the cycle path on the right and the lumps and bumps for bike tricks on the left.  Continue straight to come out through the SE entrance on to the paved pathways.  The one to the left leads back into town past the police station but we go straight ahead and turn first right signed various house numbers on Lon Helyg.  Follow this path through the houses, under some overhanging rooms always staying as close to the hill as possible on your right. At any T junction, turn right.  Go down a short flight of steps and turn right.  At an overhang clad in black slate, with a sign to houses 43-48, 49-87, 88 & up, turn right, then left, then right again.  Again, you are always staying as close to the hill as you can without going into gardens.  Turn right at a small car park and follow this path until you reach the road, Lon Cerddyn.  Turn right uphill, with Trehafren Hill on your immediate right.  Follow this road with the grass verge until you arrive back at the NE Entrance.

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