Short Stroll 13 The Oaks Care Home Circuit

This figure of 8 walk can be divided into two more or less equal parts for strolls of just over half a mile. Or combine them as we have done here, for a longer stretch along the river.

1.1 miles • 30 minutes • Easy



This walk starts at The Oaks Care Home on the corner of Heol Vaynor and Llanidloes Road.  Walk down Heol Vaynor a short distance and turn right on the tarmac path between the Oaks car park and the basketball court. Follow this path ahead and at a small car park, turn left.  At the T junction of paths turn right on the path to the left of the houses.  Go under a couple of overhanging rooms and you will reach a stand of very large trees, including a chestnut.  Turn left through bollards downhill on the path signed cycle path 81.  At the bottom of the hill, where the path meets the meadow, turn back on yourself on the grass track.  This grass path soon becomes a dirt path which you follow up the hill ahead.  The river is now below you on the right. This dirt path joins a tarmac path which you now follow, staying as close to the river as possible.  You will soon pass the basketball court and the care home on your left and you can finish the walk here if you wish by returning to the care home. It is approximately half the distance. To continue the walk follow the path down to the right and turn right by a sign welcoming you to Vaynor Park.  At the end of the next field you will see a row of houses ahead of you, turn left to follow the path in front of the houses and then turn left again back in the direction you came from. Follow this path until you reach Heol Vaynor where you turn left to return to the start of the walk at the care home.

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