Short Stroll 14 Treowen Circuit

A delightful circuit of exactly 1 mile from the railway station around the well kept estate of Treowen. There are views and lots of interest on footpaths and quiet roads.

1.0 miles • 30 minutes • Easy



This walk starts at the road bridge over the railway at the Newtown train station.  Cross the bridge from town on Brimmon Lane and continue on the road until it curves up to the right.  Go straight ahead on the concrete footpath and then take the right hand fork at the junction.  Turn right up the steps (or take the ramp ahead to avoid the steps). Carry on ahead, under the overhanging room, labelled Colwyn 3-23, Cledan24-50.  Turn left to the car park, follow the pavement to the right around  the car park and turn right between the two pairs of blue bollards.

At the T junction of the paths, turn left, then right alongside the road, Heol Treowen.  Go past Treowen school and cross the road at the crossing to go up the steps (or up the ramp to avoid steps).  Carry on up, crossing two roads, until the footpath ends at a road then turn right into a close and carry on the paved footpath at the end of the close.* This comes out onto a cul de sac. Follow this road around to the right through the small estate until you see the main road, Heol Treowen, and just before you reach it turn right up Brimmon Close.   At the end of the Close take the small footpath to the left of the garages and go down the steps on to Brimmon Road.  Cross the road on to the footpath directly oopposite and go down the series of steps (or take the winding ramp to the left to avoid the steps).  The steps and ramp meet at the paved path which you follow to the right.  This path has the railway line on your left and houses on the right and takes you back to the railway bridge.

* For the shorter version, when the paved footpath does a jog left, go straight ahead and follow the unpaved track along the ridge, the faint red line on the map below.  It ends in some steps which take you down to Brimmon Close.  Turn right, head for the garages and continue following the main walk.

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