Short Stroll 4 Severn Way to Brynwood Dr

Taking in Dolerw Park and a bit of the Severn Way, this walk climbs for some lovely views over Newtown and then descends by a different route to return to Dolerw Park.

1.0 mile • 20 minutes • Easy




Cross the pedestrian bridge at the edge of Back Lane car park (you are already on The Severn Way) and walk to the point where the path divides into three. Take the path to the right, and after a short distance you will notice the recently planted Rotary community orchard on your right. Continue along the path for a short distance and it will take you up a slope to reach the Milford Road.


Turn left, walking on the pavement alongside Milford Road and choose a safe place to cross the road to the pavement on the other side. After crossing the road continue to walk in the same direction on Milford Road and you will pass the entrance to Llwynon Lane on your right. After passing the lane notice the wall on your right and continue for approx.80 yards looking for a gap in the wall where there are ‘Way Markers’ above your head indicating that you are on The Severn Way. Take the steps up through the gap on your right and follow the moderate slope upwards, keeping on the path until you reach Brynwood Drive at the top.  Keep an eye out on this path for the fine turreted Arts & Crafts house on your right.


At this point you leave The Severn Way, which goes straight ahead and you turn left on the pavement of Brynwood Drive. Follow the pavement crossing Dolerw Drive on your left and continue on the pavement as it veers left. There are excellent views over the town and across to surrounding hills at this point. Continue on the pavement, which will take you back down to Milford Road. Safely cross the road to turn right on the pavement walking towards Dolerw Park Drive.  On your right you might spot the dragon on top of Mayfield Lodge. Reaching Dolerw Park Drive turn left and continue straight ahead using pavements and footpaths where they are available to the point where you pass through a gate into Dolerw Park. You are now on the footpath, which takes you back through the park to the pedestrian bridge which was your starting point and the end of the walk.

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