Short Stroll 5 Barnfields Green Loop

A surprising and hidden bit of wilderness in the middle of Barnfields, there are views, birds, and a chance for the dog to run about.

0.8 miles • 20 minutes • Easy



This short pleasant stroll starts at the junction of Churchill Drive and Old Barn Lane (which, if you don’t live in the area, is accessed from Barn Lane at the corner of Sycamore Drive and Canal Road). Go up Churchill Dr and follow it around to the left to a footpath/pavement on the left at Churchill Close.

Go up the path and over a stile at the top of the close into a field.  Cross the field diagonally to the left and go through a gap between bushes and trees to a large, open green field.  Circumnavigate the field anticlockwise until you have completed 3 sides of a rough rectangle and see a large oak tree in front of you.  Enjoy magnificent views of Newtown’s rooftops and the hills beyond in almost all directions. 

Pass the tree and carry on to a stile onto the road.  Cross the road and take the paved footpath down to a T-junction.  Take the left footpath to a road at the end of another close (called Ash Close).  Walk the length of the close to the T-junction with Sycamore Drive.  Turn left and walk along Sycamore Drive to a wide footpath on the left at a bus stop.  Take the footpath until it meets a road.  Turn right to follow the road back to the junction of Churchill Drive and Old Barn Lane.

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