Short Stroll 6 Barnfields & River Loop

If you live in Barnfields this riverside stroll is easily accessible.

1.8 miles • 45 minutes • Easy



This pleasant, easy stroll starts at the north end of Halfpenny Bridge near Severn Square and the car park.  If you are in the car park, cross the bridge to the Llanllwchaiarn side of the river and turn left to go down the bike ramp off the bridge.  Ahead of you there is narrow Golwgydre Lane and, at right angles to the right of it, the paved pedestrian footpath called Wire Walk.  This walk follows the footpath but both Golwgydre Lane and the footpath take you to Canal road so you can take either.  Once at Canal Rd, turn left, then cross the road and take the first right, Sycamore Drive.  There is a right turn, Barn Lane, that you ignore, continue ahead up Sycamore Drive.

Follow this road through the Barnfields estate until you reach the top of the hill.  Just after the crest of the hill you will see a gap in the houses on your left.  Turn left here and follow the footpath between two hedges to the right.  Cross the stile at the end and bear right, down the bank to the bridge over the stream.  Go across the bridge, turn right and follow the river and fence then head up the bank to the stile at the top of the field.  Go over the stile onto Lonesome Lane.

Turn right and follow the lane down to Llanllwchaiarn Rd. Cross the road and you will see, slightly to your left, a set of steps down to the River and Canal path.  Turn right at the bottom of the steps and follow the river path around the Pump House and on under the road bridge.  Just after the bridge take the path up onto the flood defences and continue back to the Halfpenny Bridge.  If it is muddy you can also continue on the paved path to go under the bridge and circle back to it.

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