Helen Davies, Powys Cancer Champion Coordinator, spoke about the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund, focusing on cancer awareness and the Cancer Champions Initiative. Helen stressed the importance of being aware of cancer and detecting it early to save lives. The Lingen Davies Cancer Champions Initiative aims to encourage people to talk openly about cancer and find it early. It involves collaboration between various sectors, including the health service, local government, and community networks.
The Lingen Davies Cancer Fund, overseen by a diverse board of trustees, plays a significant role in raising funds for better services and treatment at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. The charity has grown from its beginnings and now works on projects with local health bodies and other organisations.
In March 2023 the work began in Newtown and throughout Powys, to recruit, train and support Cancer Champions. Cancer Champions are people who, as part of their everyday lives, feel confident to initiate conversations, share information about the signs and symptoms of cancer and encourage others in their community to take up screening invitations, with the aim of improving rates of early cancer diagnosis.
Thirty Cancer Champions have so far been recruited and trained, from a variety of groups, organisations and workplaces in Powys. The training takes 3 hours and is offered throughout the area and so if you would like more information or to train to become a Cancer Champion please contact helen.davies@lingendavies.co.uk or see the Cancer Champions website .
The Mayor thanked Ms Davies and suggested that Council might consider any future requests for support in promoting the charity’s work.

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