This is a reminder to members of the business community that the meeting for the interested partners has been arranged for Friday 27th October at 6pm in the Monty Club.  Thank you all who replied to our facilitator’s poll for a date.

Our facilitator Chris Jones Regeneration, Cllr Pete Lewington, and Cllr Chris Jones held what was a positive meeting with interested partners from the voluntary sector on 10th October so this coming meeting with businesses will help complete the picture.

The aim is to work towards to holding an inaugural meeting of the Town Partnership in late November. Parties will appreciate it will evolve and grow but the purpose of this next step is to try to work jointly on the right values and ways of working together across Public, Private, and Voluntary sectors for the common good of the community.

Anyone interested in learning more about the emerging Town Partnership or helping to make it a success are welcome in the first instance to contact town councillors Peter Lewington ( or Chris Jones (

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