Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council met on 26th June 2023, and debated concerns regarding the Park Street Day Centre. The council members voiced their support for reopening the day centre to its pre-Covid service levels, Councillor Richard White proposing the motion.

In June 2022, Newtown Town Council sent a letter to Powys County Council, emphasising the invaluable services provided by the Park Street Day Centre to the Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn community. The town council urged the county council to restore the day centre’s operations to their pre-pandemic levels.

Powys County Council responded by explaining that the Park Street Day Centre had been leased to Powys Teaching Health Board and it is currently being used as a vaccination centre. The council acknowledged the day centre’s significance and expressed its commitment to finding alternative ways of providing similar support to affected individuals. The county council also stressed the vital role of Covid-19 vaccination in safeguarding community health and well-being.

During the Town Council meeting, Councillor Richard White highlighted the day centre’s significance to the community, emphasising its essential role in supporting the well-being of residents. The motion acknowledged the extension of the Park Street Day Centre’s lease to the local health board for an additional 12 months was made without prior communication to the local county ward councillor or the town council. The council instructed the Town Clerk to draft a letter to Powys County Council, reaffirming the belief that the Park Street Day Centre is an essential service for the Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn community. The council also requested the county council to identify an alternative site for either the vaccination centre or the day centre, enabling the resumption of day centre services at their pre-pandemic levels.

The motion underscores the town council’s advocacy for the reopening of the day centre and ensuring the provision of necessary services to meet the community’s needs.

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