At the recent town council meeting held on 27th November, a comprehensive progress report was presented by lead councillors Pete Lewington and Chris Jones. The report outlined the ongoing efforts towards the establishment of a potential Town Partnership, encompassing public, private, and voluntary sector organisations. Originating from the community’s Place Plan, this initiative, if established, will mark a pioneering step as the first of its kind in Wales.

Building upon the success of well-attended workshops tailored for the voluntary and business sectors, additional sessions were conducted with the 5 Newtown County Councillors, following a similar format. These workshops not only facilitated robust discussions and generated several ideas for the Town Partnership to explore but also garnered sufficient interest to affirm the feasibility and potential effectiveness of the town partnership.

The inaugural meeting of the Town Partnership is scheduled for Thursday, 30th November, commencing at 5:30 pm for a 6:00 pm start, hosted at 23-Social, Newtown. Invitations, an agenda, draft terms of reference, and a short progress report have been disseminated via email and hand-delivered to organisations expressing interest. The invitation still remains open to all interested organisations, extending beyond workshop attendees and persisting for those interested in joining post-event. Attendees can anticipate discussions not only on the mechanics of the 3-way relationship but, more importantly, on how this partnership can substantially benefit the town and the community.

In a concurrent decision, the Council elected Cllr Chris Jones as its representative to the partnership and authorised town council officers to provide essential administrative support.

A spokesperson conveyed, “The Council extends its gratitude to all those who have demonstrated constructive interest in launching the partnership. Special acknowledgment goes to Cllr Peter Lewington, Cllr Chris Jones, Chris Jones Regeneration (independent facilitator), and the Town Clerk for their dedication and hard work in bringing the potential partnership to this pivotal juncture.”

For further information about the town partnership, please contact Cllr Pete Lewington – or Cllr Chris Jones –

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