Newtown and Llanwllchaiarn Town Council is pleased to announce it has recently approved its 5-Year Strategic Business Plan at the meeting held on April 27th, 2023.

The Mayor, Cllr John Byrne, said “Your Town Council recognises that its work goes beyond merely responding to current issues. It must also plan for the future, and welcomes any suggestions, constructive comments and contributions from residents, businesses and organisations who are living or operating in Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn to be communicated through your local councillors.”

The Council has created a plan that includes specific actions to be taken over the next twelve months, as well as a pool of potential actions to be used in future years depending on circumstances at the time. Welsh and English versions of the strategic plan can be found on the Town Council website: Freedom Of Information Publication Scheme – Newtown : Newtown

The plan is inspired by and built upon the community’s Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Place Plan ‘Our Town Our Plan’ 2021-36, which was created by and for the community over a two-year period. You can find more information about it on this website:

The Place Plan, which was facilitated by the Town council, was a significant community engagement effort that provides a strong foundation for collaboration among community members to improve the area for everyone.

The plan is one of two key documents by which the council is accountable to its public, the other being the annual report. These documents provide an insight so that residents can clearly see what the Council plans to do and what has been accomplished.

Town Clerk, Ed Humphreys, added “The council which the community elected in May 2022 has put a great deal of commitment to build its 5-year strategic plan from the community’s own Place Plan which is itself is evidence of the community’s expressions of needs, wants and commitments. The 5-year plan is purposely challenging and is dependent on the community (through its elected council) making the resources available. If the resources are available, the staff team will do their utmost to support your council in supporting its community.”

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