Newtown residents and visitors were treated to an exciting weekend of sports, with two major events taking place in the area. The Montgomery Canal Triathlon and the Newtown 10K Run were both held over the weekend, showcasing the town’s sporting spirit.
On May 20th, the Friends of the Montgomery Canal hosted a 28.5-mile Triathlon that began in Newtown at Hafan Yr Afon. Participants started by cycling to Belan near Welshpool, where they then switched to canoes and rowed until they reached Crowther Hall Lock in Pool Quay. From there, they walked to the finish line located in Morton, which is south of Oswestry.
The Newtown 10k event, held on 21st May 2023, has been hailed as a resounding success, thanks to the exceptional support and dedication of the community.
With an impressive 557 runners participating, the event drew attention and admiration from all corners. However, it was the remarkable fact that 555 runners finished the race that truly demonstrated the participants’ determination and commitment to the event.
The Newtown 10k event also raised approximately £7,000 for charities, which is a commendable achievement that highlights the positive impact such events can have on the community.
Crucially, the support of the Town Council along with local businesses such as Control Techniques, Hilltop Honey, SJ Roberts, Lowfield Timber Frames, Makefast, Outdoor Toys, 23 Social, Open Newtown, and WiPAK played a significant role in the organisation and success of the event. The businesses’ unwavering commitment to the community event contributed to the local economy and demonstrated the power of community spirit.
Mayor of Newtown Cllr John Byrne stated, “Both the Triathlon and Newtown 10k event is a shining example of how a community can come together to achieve something great. It is a testament to the determination, hard work, and dedication of all involved and exemplifies the community’s spirit and support. Well done to all participants of both Montgomery Canal triathlon and Newtown 10K.”
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