As we approach Remembrance Weekend, Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council is proud to share the schedule of events to honour the memory of those who served in conflicts past and to pay our respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Saturday 11th November, 2023 – Armistice Day

On this solemn day, we will gather to mark Armistice Day in a short ceremony at the Newtown War Memorial. The Mayor and Councillors, representing our community, will be in attendance alongside school students invited from local primary schools. The students will have the honour of laying wreaths at the memorial.


10:40 AM: Gather at the War Memorial;

10:55 AM: Road closures in New Road and Shortbridge Street

11:00 AM: The ceremonial will commence, featuring two minutes of silence and readings relayed over the public address system and live-streamed on the internet

11:02AM: Wreath laying by school students

11:05 AM: Road closures end

11:10 AM: Disperse

Sunday 12th November, 2023 – Remembrance Sunday

On Remembrance Sunday, the Town Council will lead a civic remembrance parade and ceremony, representing the entire community. This event will be relayed over the public address system and live-streamed on the internet, ensuring that all who wish to participate can do so.

A religious act of remembrance will be incorporated into the main ceremonial, with wreath laying taking place after the two minutes of silence and the religious act. The Mayor will lay a wreath at the Newtown Cenotaph on behalf of the community, followed by other organisations.

We are also pleased to announce that Mr Tony Evans, Vice Lord-Lieutenant, will lay a wreath on behalf of HM the King at the ceremony.


10:30 AM: Parade to muster outside the Monty Club, Broad Street, Newtown

10:40 AM: Parade departs toward the Newtown Cenotaph

10:50 AM: Arrival at Newtown Cenotaph for Civic Remembrance Service and ceremony

10:55 AM: Words of welcome

10:59 AM: The Last Post

11:00 AM: Two minutes of silence

11:02 AM: Reveille

11:05 AM: Religious Service

11:25 AM: Laying of Wreath by the Vice Lord Lieutenant on behalf of HM the King and by the Mayor on behalf of the community (followed by other representatives and organisations)

11:40 AM: National Anthems

11:45 AM: Parade continues along New Church Street, Back Lane, Broad Street

12:00 PM: Parade arrives at Monty Club, a few words from the Mayor, Fall Out, and parade is dismissed

12:05 PM: Town Council hosts a post-parade buffet for parade participants

Additionally, on Sunday 12th November at 9:30 AM, there will be a separate church service at All Saints Church, Penygloddfa, for those who wish to attend a religious service in a church.

Join us in commemorating this important occasion, honouring the memory of our heroes, and fostering a spirit of unity and common purpose within our community.

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