Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council is thrilled to extend its heartfelt appreciation for the resounding success of the recent Kindness Festival held in Newtown on Saturday. The event was a shining testament to the spirit of unity, compassion, and community that defines our town.

The Kindness Festival, a celebration of empathy and goodwill, brought residents and visitors together for a day of heart warming connections and positive interactions. Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council is proud to have contributed £500 in financial support towards providing free teas and coffees to event attendees. This contribution reflects our commitment to fostering a culture of kindness, inclusivity, and support within our vibrant community.

The success of the Kindness Festival would not have been possible without the remarkable collaboration of various partners who dedicated their time, resources, and energy to create a truly unforgettable experience. Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council extends its special gratitude to all the sponsors of the event whose support was much appreciated. The event would have not come together without the dedicated steering group who helped facilitate the organisation of the event.

Their unwavering dedication and collaboration have showcased the true spirit of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn, emphasising the power of collective efforts to bring about positive change.

“We are incredibly proud of the overwhelming success of the Kindness Festival,” said Cllr John Byrne, Mayor of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn. “The enthusiastic response from our community and the outstanding efforts of everyone involved have demonstrated the impact that acts of kindness and unity can have on our town. We are deeply grateful to everyone who played a part in making this event a reality.”

The Kindness Festival is a testament to the shared values of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn, and the Town Council is excited to continue nurturing a culture of kindness and community engagement in the days ahead.

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