Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council is delighted to announce a significant milestone in helping the community shape its own future. During the full council meeting held on Monday 24th July 2023, the council received and reviewed a comprehensive report prepared by Chris Jones Regeneration, an independent and experienced place practitioner, which examined the feasibility of a town partnership of public, private, and voluntary organisations.

After discussions with those who had expressed an interest, than careful evaluation and analysis, Chris Jones concluded that a town partnership holds great promise, provided it receives the input of commitment, time, effort, and valuable resources from our community members. The council is appreciative of the enthusiasm and support shown by all involved parties.

Recognising the importance of collaboration in achieving success the council has voted to sponsor the next step in this transformative project – the establishment of the Town Partnership. Instead of leading the initiative themselves, the council has engaged Chris Jones in an independent and impartial capacity. This strategic move aims to promote the partnership as a shared resource, owned not by the council but embraced by all sectors of community.

Celebrating Recognition at One Voice Wales – Innovative Practice Conference

Your council was also delighted to hear Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn receiving warm accolades at the National One Voice Wales Innovative Practice Conference, held in Builth Wales, in the presence of the Welsh Government Minister. The Town Partnership project was hailed as a bold example of innovation and a testament to the spirit and ingenuity of our community.

As interested parties embark on the next phase of setting up the partnership, we encourage every member of our community to stay actively engaged in the principle of partnership and collaboration through your elected representatives, your business community or your voluntary organisations. Your ideas, insights, and support are invaluable as collectively we shape the future well-being of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn.

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