As a step towards helping address climate change and biodiversity, Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council is taking an opportunity to seek Welsh Government ‘Bee Friendly’ status for the community.

Support for climate change & biodiversity education projects including achieving Welsh Government “Bee Friendly” status was clearly expressed by the community as an aim in its Place Plan, with your town council in an enabling role.

To that purpose, the town council seeks partners from individuals or public, private, or voluntary organisations to prepare an application.

Cllr Richard Edwards who is leading the initiative presented a criteria to the council’s Strategy and Corporate Projects Committee, emphasising the need for monitoring, reporting work, and ongoing efforts to achieve and maintain ‘Bee Friendly’ status. The committee has decided to seek partners and funding to support this crucial environmental initiative.

The initiative presents an opportunity for local businesses to actively contribute, and various opportunities for creating Bee Friendly planting areas were highlighted, including locations such as St Mary’s Church, Sycamore Drive, Gravel Carpark flowerbeds, and collaboration with local groups interested in biodiversity.

If you or your organisation are interested in becoming a ‘bee-friendly’ partner and feel you’d like to contribute to Newtown’s journey towards ‘Bee Friendly’ status, please get in touch by emailing or contact Cllr Richard Edwards at

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