Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council proudly announces the launch of the Newtown Town Partnership, following the successful completion of its setup phase outlined in a recent report.

The Newtown Town Partnership set up phase, aimed to explore the feasibility of collaboration between the private, public, and voluntary sectors to help build consensus and support the local economy and environment, with a focus on initiatives such as tourism and climate change.

The report to Strategy & Corporate Projects Committee outlines the project delivery and handover plan, including liaison with the partnership, compiling of a record of partnership members, publication of Terms of Reference, and the definition of the scope of administrative support.

The news of the Newtown Town Partnership’s launch will be communicated to all stakeholders through email, meetings, and press releases. Cllr Chris Jones, as town council representative to the partnership will spearhead this communication effort.

Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council expresses gratitude to all who showed an interest, to those who got involved, and to those who have committed to help move it forward, and looks forward the positive impact the Newtown Town Partnership will have on the community’s well-being.

Town Clerk, Ed Humphreys’ added “The Newtown Town Partnership is very much in the national eye as an example of this community being willing to try new things, together, for the common good. The partnership will no doubt learn and evolve, and the significant factor is that it intends to do so together with consensus, mutual respect, and trust. The town council is pleased setup phase is complete, and is committed to provide administrative support to on-going partnership meetings.”

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