Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council is pleased to announce the initiation of construction on the highly anticipated ‘Warp & Weft Pocket Park’ at Union Street, Newtown. This collaborative venture with a local landscape contractor is progressing well, marking significant milestones as we approach the close of the year. The Town Council project also secured an additional funding from The Powys Nature Partnership as part of the Local Places for Nature project.

Following agreement between the landscape contractor and the Newtown Town Council, the project is advancing to complete the foundation for the Corten sign, Trellis, and the majority of the picket fencing by Christmas. With a focus on safety during the festive season, the contractor has carefully planned construction activities, ensuring no excavations will be left pending over Christmas. The remaining work is scheduled for early January, paving the way for a planting phase in the Spring season.

The Union Street initiative seeks to turn a formerly nondescript grassy area into a space that enhances both the natural environment and public enjoyment. The initiative seeks to establish dedicated areas that encourage and support local wildlife, incorporating pollinator shrubs and wildflowers to create a visually stunning space that doubles as a thriving habitat for the area’s biodiversity. A raised bed with climbing plants, wildflower haven and shrubs will further enhance the area’s charm and beauty, creating an inviting environment for all.

To foster community engagement, the project also features the installation of accessible seating and a picnic bench, inviting residents to embrace the green space at the heart of Union Street.

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