At the November meeting of the town council’s Strategy & Corporate Projects Committee the committee received a project update on the potential Town Partnership of Public, Private, and Voluntary organisations.

Committee first acknowledged the work ‘on the ground’ by Cllr Chris Jones and endorsed his role as assistant project lead.

It then received a verbal project update from project lead Cllr Pete Lewington who highlighting recent workshops for stakeholders from the voluntary and business sector which took place on 10th and 27th October respectively, where discussions appeared positive, and attendees seemed willing to promote the partnership to fellow businesses and voluntary organisations in the town.

At the workshops several priorities were highlighted by the business sector include the use of the digital noticeboards and an events programme for the town.  The committee was also asked to recognise the impact bird nuisance may have to both the environment and economy of the town and was urged to help concerned parties find a solution to the bird problem by suggesting it as a suitable project for the proposed Town Partnership to consider.

Committee was reassured to hear there appears to be sufficient interest from private and voluntary organisations to continue to take the project forward, and the first partnership meeting is expected by the end of November.  County Councillors will also be encouraged to engage in the meeting as part of the public sector representation.

The invitations to the first meeting will be circulated shortly.

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