At it’s recent meeting on 5th Oct’23, the Strategy & Corporate Projects Committee heard from project lead Cllr Pete Lewington and the Town Clerk that progress continues towards the founding of a Town Partnership of Public, Private, and Voluntary sector organisations.  Facilitator Chris Jones Regeneration met, through workshop sessions or through one-to-one conversations, some of the potential partners who had expressed an interest.  The town council agreed to endeavour to form a Town Partnership, and with this in mind, invites those who have expressed an interest to return to share thoughts on the form and function of the Town Partnership so that they can contribute at the next step of the process.

The meeting for the interested partners from the voluntary sector has been arranged for Tuesday 10th October and interested partners from the business sector have been polled online for a date to be to be arranged.

The aim is to work towards to holding an inaugural meeting of the Town Partnership in late November.  Parties will appreciate it will evolve and grow but the purpose of this next step is to try to work jointly on the right values and ways of working together.

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