Town Trail 1 Newtown Heritage Trail

This town trail is an adventure for all the family. Enjoy learning about Newtown's rich and surprising woollen and textile heritage.

1.4 miles • 1 Hour • Easy



Newtown Heritage Trail

This heritage trail takes you around the centre of Newtown, discovering our rich textile and woolen heritage.  There are 10 clues on the map.  See if you can follow the trail to all the coloured dots and solve all the clues.

Download the Newtown Heritage Trail as a pdf by clicking the download link above.

Answers to the clues:

  1. The odd child is nude and facing away from us
  2. He was 87 when he died.
  3. The 21st C addition are the blades of wind turbines.
  4. There are 18.
  5. The fruit is grapes.
  6. Heart shaped stone by steps near tower have the initials R.O.
  7. They are spinner, shepherd, carpenter and blacksmith.
  8. The cities are Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Chester, Carmarthen, Philadelphia, Aberystwyth.
  9. She was Laura Ashley.
  10. Modes of transport are plane, train and ship.

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