Winter Lights 2020 Event


It’s a difficult year with COVID, but it’s time to come together… and make a great event!

Let’s have fun, be entertained by local talent, showcase local businesses,, make noise, dance on our doorstep and cheer each other up. Get on board and get this party started!

For the lights this year Celf Your Health are working in partnership with Newtown Council to encourage you to:

  • Learn rhythms and dance in your doorway! Get your pots and pans ready! Click here for the FREE online tutorials
  • Make a beautiful lantern to light up your street
  • Perform or watch a live streamed evening filled with local talent
  • See Santa, hear from the Mayor
  • Watch an amazing laser display high above the town
  • Listen out for the DJ set from young Newtown residents at the end of the night

Click here for the FREE resource films for the night

Celf Your Health are supporting this event to be run by you and for you!

Local people across town have brought their skills, creative ideas and energy to this project to make magic and light up Newtown!

Get involved! And tune in at 7pm on the council home page to watch the live streamed event #NewtownTV (link)

You can also join Facebook and instagram pages for updates in this last week@newtownlights2020

And Celf Your Health page 

Let’s spread the news and Light Up Newtown! Nov 28th 7pm!

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