Winter Lights 2020 Event

It’s a difficult year with COVID, but it’s time to come together… and make a great event!

Let’s have fun, be entertained by local talent, showcase local businesses, parade, make noise, dance and cheer each other up. Get on board and get this party started!

For the lights this year Celf Your Health are working in partnership with Newtown Council.

Ideas include:

  • Learn samba rhythms and dance in your doorway! Get your pots and pans ready!
  • Make a beautiful lantern to light up your street
  • Listen out for the DJ booth touring the streets
  • Share memories from Newtown lights events past
  • Perform or watch a live streamed evening filled with local talent
  • See Santa, hear from the MayorAnd more!

Your community needs you!

Celf Your Health are here to support this event to be run by you and for you!

Bring your skills, creative ideas and energy to this project to make magic and light up Newtown! Fantastic opportunity to learn something new, make friends, have fun and give back to your community.

See a full list of current volunteer roles here and log your interest on the simple online form here

Also available – get involved in the online fun! Live classes from October to learn samba (with your kitchen equipment!), dance, or make lanterns. #Sundayshakeup! Make friends, learn new skills, get excited. Email to book in and get the online link and password. See you there!

It’s time to re-emerge. Get involved!

If you are interested to hear how the project progresses, find us on facebook at and check back here on the council website for regular updates.  

Let’s spread the news and Light Up Newtown!

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