Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council resolved 27th September due to the easing of Covid restrictions the Remembrance arrangements can be stepped up again:

  1. The following councillors indicated they would be likely to attend a Remembrance Parade if one were held along usual lines: Cllr V Howard, Cllr K Morris, Cllr R Shayler, Cllr R Edwards, Cllr J Davies, Cllr R Taylor, Cllr D Selby, Cllr P Lewington and Cllr J Barker
  2. Council resolves to host a Remembrance parade 2021 along usual lines, organised by Royal British Legion
  3. Council resolved to augment the ceremonies on Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday at Newtown Cenotaph with live streaming.

Following this decision the Town Clerk liaised with the Royal British Legion for town councils representation of the community on Armistice Day (11th Nov) and Remembrance Sunday (14th Nov). The town council were also notified of the Royal British Legion’s Poppy appeal arrangements and Remembrance Concert.

During Mondays Full council meeting it was agreed that the following arrangements would proceed for Remembrance 2021.

Dates: Armistice Day is Thursday 11th November, Remembrance Sunday is 14th November.

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

  • Starts on Saturday 30th October in the ex-Carphone Warehouse Shop in Bear Lanes on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and in Morrisons Supermarket (daily) until 13th November
  • Town Council will donate £50 to the appeal for a wreath to be laid by the Mayor on Remembrance Sunday.

Royal British Legion Remembrance Concert – Saturday 6th November

  • Concert by Newtown Silver Band in Bear Lanes on Saturday 6th November at 2pm.
  • Collections will be made to the poppy appeal
  • All are welcome to attend

Town Council Representation Armistice Day – Thursday 11th November

  • A short ceremony with others at the Newtown cenotaph; the Mayor and Councillors representing the community
  • School students from primary schools will be present outside the memorial gardens, and wreaths will be laid by the students
  • Members of the public may be present
  • The ceremony will be live streamed by the Town Council
  • 10.40am gather at the War Memorial; wreath laying by school students
  • 11.00am the 2 minutes silence
  • 11.05am disperse

Town Council Representation Remembrance Sunday 14th November

  • A Civic Parade of organisations, led by the Town Council representing the community
  • The Mayor will lay a wreath at the Newtown Cenotaph on behalf of the community (followed with those of other organisations)
  • Members of the public will be present
  • The Town Council will host a post-parade buffet for parade organisers and participants
  • The ceremony at the Newtown Cenotaph will be live streamed by the Town Council
  • 10.00am Parade to Muster outside the Monty Club, Broad Street, Newtown
  • 10.15am Parade departs toward the Newtown Cenotaph
  • 10.30am Arrival at Newtown Cenotaph for Remembrance Service and Ceremony
  • 10.50am – Laying of Wreath by the Mayor on behalf of the community (followed with those other organisations
  • 11.00am – 2 minute silence
  • 11.10am – Due to New Road closure the Parade will return along Shortbridge Street, via Market Street, then continue past The Park Gates then along Back Lane and into Broad Street to the Monty Club
  • 11.30am – A few words by the Mayor and parade dismissed.

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