Not many trees can tell a story, but this landmark Black Poplar tree in the centre of Newtown has an interesting story of survival. It’s inspiring story of survival started in the 1960’s and since has withstood many changes to its surroundings and still continued to thrive.

From the Town Council’s nomination of the tree as Woodland trust Wales Tree of the Year 2019, and being runner up, a specialist arboricultural report survey was provided free of charge for the owner, Powys CC) and £500 to the Town Council for an Interpretation Board. The survey has provided guidance to Powys County Council to best preserve the tree for years to come.

The story of its survival is now in place for all to read with the installation of an Interpretation Panel telling the history of Newtown’s own rare and endangered species. The tree has remained a popular attraction in the town with locals and visitors alike, providing a landmark welcome for all.

Local designer Dan Badger was commissioned by Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn town council to fulfil the requirements of a bilingual interpretation panel including the history of Newtown’s Black Poplar and further information surrounding the Black Poplar species. We hope residents and visitors alike will enjoy reading the fascinating story of this special tree.

Photograph: Lead Cllr Richard Edwards with mayor of Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Cllr Richard Williams at the landmark tree with its new Interpretation board.

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