Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council met on Tuesday 7th June for the reconvened Full Council meeting; following the branding project being referred from Economy & Environment Committee to Full Council.

Councillors heard from an officer and lead councillor recapping the aims & objectives of the project and associated council work which has led to the development of the branding project to this point. Following this information, the contracted professional consultants to the project delivered a presentation and report preceding council debate on the topic.

Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Council is delighted to report good progress at a midpoint in the development of a new marketing plan, brand identity and website for Newtown, which is expected to be completed and launched in autumn this year. 

The project’s aim is to increase prosperity of Newtown through helping to create the right environment for inward investment, attracting more visitors, bolstering its reputation as the largest town in Powys and building a strong sustainable reputation for the town.

Following positive and considered debate of the project Councillors took the decision to proceed, allowing the project to enter the next phase and for the Consultants to continue with the work in progress.

Upon conclusion, project documentation will be published  

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