Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council is seeking to establish an advisory group to help the council develop future branding and marketing for the community. The Council is looking for volunteers with relevant interests and skills to work in accord with the aim and objectives of the branding project.

The aims and objectives of the branding project are:

  • To create a robust brand identity and comprehensive brand strategy to help Newtown Achieve its key objectives:
  • Increase inward investment
  • Increase tourism
  • Increase inward migration
  • Sustainability
  • To create a strategic action plan, inspired by the brand idea and designed to boost the town’s competitiveness
  • To create a dynamic place website based on the new brand and identity.

Volunteers will need to be able give their time and effort freely to work constructively with others and with the Town Council (councillors, employees, consultants, and partners) towards the success of the project.

Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council seeks a range of views and input to help inform Council decision making around branding and marketing. Whilst we have appointed, specialist place marketing consultants, a community perspective will also be beneficial. The Town Council is looking to form a group of people who would be representative of the public, private and voluntary sectors of the community.

The Town Council’s external consultants, Heavenly will bring options and proposals to the advisory group and the views and feedback will help inform council decision making around the project.  Heavenly envisages perhaps 3 meetings over the next few months involving the participation of the advisory group. After this a review will take place as to whether the advisory group has a role beyond this point of the project.

Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council, along with Heavenly, are keen to work with businesses and partners to deliver a successful outcome for Newtown. Commenting on the formation of the Place Branding & Marketing Advisory Group, Heavenly states “We don’t want to create an unwieldy large group – the emphasis must be on speed to aid decisions.  We envisage around 10 people on the group. There will be no formal representational role, but we hope that the group composition will reflect the diversity in the town”.

If you are actively living, working or learning in the community and interested in joining the Place Branding and marketing Advisory Group please complete the linked form (  and submit by Wednesday 17th  August – 12noon.

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