Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council were pleased to welcome Powys CC Highways Portfolio Holder and Head of Highways, Transport & Recycling to the last Full Council meeting to hear and discuss members’ concerns about roadside verges regarding highways safety.

After an introduction from the Mayor, Cllr Richard Williams, councillors raised several issues regarding where grass had been allowed to grow at height in an area in Cwm Llanfair and whether it was a potential fire risk. The Head of Service confirmed that a risk assessment had been conducted but agreed to check that fire risk formed part of the assessment. The issue of weeds along the main streets within the town centre and visibility at junctions were also raised.

Discussion also mentioned some safety issues which had been reported in Llanllwchaiarn, regarding Hedge growth, a hedge fire, Ragwort, Litter, Weeds, and Issues with cutting of wildflowers. All the listed issues had been raised with the ward County Councillor and photographs forwarded to the Portfolio Holder. The Portfolio Holder confirmed that the concerns would be addressed and explained that councillors can notify the service if there are wildflower areas that a community wishes to preserve. The Biodiversity Officer can also make native wildflower seeds available for planting. The Head of Service offered to circulate the plan of where they were encouraging natural growth and welcomed suggestions for alternative areas which could be included within the plan.

Both the Portfolio holder and Head of Service invited individual councillor comments, observations and suggestions which will be forwarded collectively by the Town Clerk. Appreciation during the discussion was also made for Powys Council’s new approach for its positive impact on biodiversity and the continuation of the refuse collection service through the pandemic.

Commenting on the discussion, Ed Humphreys Town Clerk, “The town council seemed pleased that the County Council Portfolio Holder and Senior Officer took the trouble and time to attend to hear community concerns first hand. No doubt they have to balance a range of views on biodiversity with those on aesthetics, but the importance of fire and road safety appears to be more clear-cut. They welcomed contributions from individual town councillors, and some have already submitted their comments for consideration.”

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