Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council have installed CCTV at St Mary’s Church in Newtown following a number of incidents of vandalism.

Located beside the River Severn, St Mary’s Church in Newtown, which is now is roofless ruins of a 13th-century former parish church. Within the grounds is the Pryce family mausoleum and outside the church walls is the ornate grave of Robert Owen, the social reformer and founder of the Co-operative movement.

After a number of incidents of vandalism CCTV has been installed to help deter further incidents and to protect the history of the area.

Ed Humphreys, Town Clerk, comments “Your town council provides and maintains St Mary’s and its gardens as a recreational facility for anyone to enjoy, but antisocial behaviour can spoil that and vandalism is expensive to the public purse.  CCTV may not be a full remedy to either, but it might go some way to deter or act as evidence for the police to investigate and help preserve St Mary’s and gardens as a Newtown attraction and gem.

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