An event that unfortunately has been subject to Covid postponement, we are delighted to therefore announce that plans are in place to host a “Celebration of Newtown Awards Evening” in March 2022.  

Cllr Richard Williams, Mayor of Newtown and Lead Councillor for the event “Our Celebration of Newtown Awards is a key project of the Council’s Five-Year Plan and aims to celebrate and recognise those individuals and organisations who have made a positive impact over the last year to Newtown and the local area. We have a great selection of award categories and I urge you to submit your nominations via our website at” 

A selection of awards will be presented on the evening, a full list of awards can be seen below:  

  • Employers of Reserved Firefighters Award  

An award in recognition of local business owners that employ reserved firefighters that allow them to have necessary time off and support their employees to be reserved firefighters to help the community 

  • Community Fund Recognition Award 

An award in recognition of the local organisations that have received the Community Fund Grant over the past year. Acknowledging the efforts of these organisations who support the community of Newtown, especially during the more challenging and difficult times during this last year.  

  • Free person of Newtown Award (Should only be awarded for exceptional service and not necessarily every year) 

Following Newtown & Llanwchaiarn Town Council Policy of awarding a Free Person of Newtown, the Council will consider any suitable candidates for the Award 

  • Newtown Volunteer of the Year Award  

For an individual who has been their own time to make a positive contribution to their community in the last year. 

  • Young Person or Youth Group of the year 

For a young person, aged 19 or under or youth group of Newtown that has volunteered and contributed their time to make a positive contribution within the community over the last year. 

  • Citizen’s Advice Bureau Award  

Working in conjunction with the Citizen’s advice bureau, Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town council will Award in partnership. 

  • Business of the Year Award 

For a local business, within the Newtown area, who has made an outstanding contribution to the local area.  

  • Climate Award 

An award for a Business or individual that focusses on the green element, a voted award decided by the community. 

  • Sports Award 

An award for sporting achievement (individual or group) 

Following the events of the last year it will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Newtown and the achievements of individuals, businesses, groups, and organisations. A few of the awards require nominations from the community. Nominations can now be made online on the Town Council website 

Further details of the event will be issued in due course 

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