Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council in partnership with Open Newtown are very pleased to announce that the new premier play park is now open to the public and of course lots of very excited children!

The new play park in the centre of town, just off the top of Back Lane car park is a partnership project delivered by Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council and Open Newtown – using a mix of Town council funds and National Lottery Community Funds. It is a fantastic new facility for our youngsters to enjoy and we could not be more pleased to hear stories and comments about how much the town’s children are enjoying the new facilities already.

The park has been designed with three specific areas, a toddler area, a ‘school age’ area and a teen area, trying to cater for the whole family when visiting the park. The equipment in these areas is designed and built with these ages in mind.

The toddler area of the park is not yet completed, which is designed for under four-year olds to be fenced off as soon as the fencing has been received from the manufacturer. The rest of the park is open plan which has been designed to specifically fit in with the rest of the open spaces in the town.

We appreciate that the park has been extremely busy due to the recent glorious weather and of course the fact that the towns’ young people have been under lockdown and buy propecia Dublin are obviously keen to play and meet their friends, we would, however, urge all parents/guardians to ensure that all social distancing guidelines currently in place are adhered to and help to make the park a safe and happy place for children to play.

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