Newtown Town Hall Mound investigations.

Local history groups and individuals interested in the rich history and cultural heritage of Newtown may have heard of investigations taking place at The Town Hall Mound.

Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council successfully secured funding for the site clearance of The Mound to enable a historical investigation to take place. Thanks to funding from CADW and The Welsh Government the clearance of the mound will now take place which will lead to a topographical survey and a Ground Penetrating Radar Scan taking place in the week commencing March 10th 2020.

So what is a GPR? It is a Ground Penetrating Radar scan which will identify the position and layout of any structural or other features of archaeological significance. A geophysical survey is a useful tool for non-intrusive investigation of the ground.

Tree surveys and clearance work will ensure it will be a safe site with clear visibility. Following the works, there are now plans to install bat and bird boxes and bug hotels to replace any habitation that may have been displaced. We have worked closely with an ecologist on buy liquid lorazepam this project to ensure our contractors will work to protect habitats and work to reasonable avoidance measures.

Clwyd–Powys Archaeological Trust have been undertaking the historical investigation and will complete this element of the project with a report on the findings of the topographical survey, the ground penetrating radar scan and their historical research that will eventually lead to an archaeological dig at the mound.

Councillor Richard Edward said “We are proud of our history here in Newtown. The maintenance work we are starting now will protect the mound for future generations. It’ll be interesting to see what the dig unearths later this year. Will it finally answer if we have a motte-and-bailey in Newtown?

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