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Newtown’s Great Survivor

Newtown’s great survivor the popular and rare Black Poplar tree has recently had a tree survey carried out and a free arboriculture report from the Woodland Trust. This was possible as a result of it being runner up in this year’s Welsh Tree of the Year competition, thanks to all the local people who voted for it.

The Black Poplar is one of Britain’s rarest and most endangered native species, so to have one growing in the heart of the town is a story of survival on its own, but our Black Poplar has had more than fungal disease, leaf rusts and poplar scab to contend with.

The story of survival starts in the 1960’s, the tree then stood majestically on the Llanllwchaiarn side of the river.  Due to the great floods of 1960 and 1964 a large flood prevention scheme was needed. As a result, the river was diverted and moved, and the tree found a new home on the Newtown side of the river. Amazingly the tree survived all the work and continued to thrive!

The Poplar’s existence was then threatened in 1990 when it survived plans to be chopped down to make way for an extension of the car park. Thankfully special conditions were put into place to protect it and no harm came to the tree again.

The tree has remained a popular attraction in the town with locals and visitors alike, providing a landmark welcome for all and is still a very popular spot to picnic and relax.

As well as the survey Newtown and Llanwchaiarn have taken steps to save the gene line by taking propagation cuttings which will be ready to be planted by the original tree in the Autumn.

Present in the photos are Arboricultural Consultant Geoff Monk, Mayor Cllr David Selby, Town Clerk Ed Humphreys, officers of Powys CC Steve Gealy and Stephan Butcher Countryside Services and PCC Ecology Officer Rachel Probert.

Mayor Cllr David Selby said “I was delighted to see our Black Poplar tree order tramadol online overnight having a successful health check.  It should be with us for many more years. I was also pleased to see how much the tree is the centre of a successful picnic area at this time of year welcoming both residents and visitors into town.  With the recent improvements in the Gravel Car Park, and the re-opening of the toilets, the Back Poplar tree can stand proud in an attractive and welcoming part of town”


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