At the end of 2022, Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council launched a project to set up a new Town Partnership project. Led by Cllr Pete Lewington, we are delighted to report that we have received 55 expressions of interest across public, private, and voluntary sectors. We thank those who have registered an interest in being part of this project.
As your Town Council we undertake consultation exercises with residents and local organisations (within the private, public and voluntary sectors) to seek their views and input to the work we do which in recent times has included both the Place Plan (“OUR TOWN, OUR PLAN”) and our 5-year strategic business plan.
We are currently in the initial stages of our annual exercise to develop our next rolling 5-year strategic business plan which is influenced by the Place Plan and needs to be updated to reflect new priorities and the progress made to date. The work in both theses plans has grown out of the community itself. Consequently, it has provided a timely opportunity for the Town Council to engage with local organisations to create a Town Partnership. We hope that the formation of a Town Partnership where, public, private and voluntary sector organisations work in partnership for the benefit of our Town by creating long term sustainability of the community – economic, social and environmental.
As a Town Council we appreciate that local organisations are an important part of our local community and possess an invaluable wide range of knowledge, skills and expertise that could be utilised by them taking an active role in influencing and enabling others to achieve the outcomes set out in the strategic business plan.
Town Partnerships are relatively new territory in Wales and there is unlikely to be a standard model, we are keen to try and get the best model for the community of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn. With the basic foundations now in place we look to think about the next steps and how the group is best facilitated so that it becomes a constructive voice towards common or co-ordinate goals for the town.
Cllr Pete Lewington, assisted by Cllr Margaret Lewington and Cllr Chris Jones made a conscious effort to personally visit businesses and organisations across Newtown to seek their involvement in the partnership. If you wish to still be involved in the project please get in touch with either Cllr Pete Lewington ( ) or the Town Clerk ( to register interest , or if you have any ideas on what you think the partnership could do and how you think it might work.

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