Residents in Newtown who are struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic are being urged to seek help through the Newtown Network.

The network of volunteers, charities and local organisations was set up during the first lockdown last year.

It operates “angels” throughout the town to provide support, as well as information on services and access to help.

Cllr David Selby, Mayor of Newtown, said: “With the weather bad, schools closed and the lockdown restrictions in force many more people will be staying at home.

“If you are in need of assistance help is available. If you need help with shopping buy original xanax online or the collection of prescriptions or need someone to talk to – call the Newtown Network on 0333 996 1124. The Network can use its neighbourhood angels or other organisations to find help.”

“If you have recently been made redundant and need help with your finances or help with life skills, call the Redundancy Help Line on 0333 996 1124. Citizens Advice and Ponthafren are able to offer a variety of help and support.”

“One phone number 0333 996 1124 will contact you with many organisations and volunteers.”

The Newtown Network Service Directory that was delivered to every household before Christmas is full of information of organisations that can help. Their contact details can be viewed at where the directory can also be downloaded.

“Do not feel alone- is the message to Newtown residents;- there is help and assistance and someone to talk to if you feel alone or need some extra help.”

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