Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council has highlighted the ongoing issue of vandalism within both of Newtown’s public toilets located on the Gravel and Back Lane carpark. The toilets appear to be a target for vandals with Town Clerk, Ed Humphreys adding “Vandalism seems self-defeating and costly to the community in so many ways; to the amenities, the users, potential visitors to the town, business who might gain from visitors, and of course to the people of the community and to public purse.  Whilst vandalism is attended to, it diverts money, time and attention from other things too.  It’s also a crime, so if anyone witnesses vandalism taking place or knows of the culprits, I urge them to report it to the police.”

Repairs to these facilities can result in the toilets being out of commission whilst repairs take place and costing tax-payers. Newtown public toilets see regular damage such as smashed doors, locks and sinks, costing most months a couple of hundred pounds each month to put right.

The Town Council strives to provide Newtown with toilet facilities for both its residents and tourists but is disappointed that so much time and money needs to be spent in correcting needless destruction of a facility that is so valuable to the town.

Vandalism is not only affecting the public toilets, Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council have also experienced damage to playpark equipment in the town centre and at St Mary’s Church, both sites have had CCTV installed to help prevent future criminal damage.

The Town Council will continue to closely monitor the situation and urges anyone who sees any vandalism within the toilets or sees anything suspicious, to report it to the Police or contact the town council on 01686 625544 or email them through their website

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