Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council is pleased to share its progressive vision for the refurbishment of the Gravel Car Park public toilets. Spearheaded by the Services Committee, this initiative aims to create a more inclusive and environmentally sustainable facility to serve the community. 

The Gravel Car Park public toilet block, formally transferred to the Town Council in 2018, is set to undergo a comprehensive refurbishment. While the building is structurally sound, signs of wear and tear have prompted the need for a redesign to meet contemporary standards. 

Over the years, the facilities at the Gravel Car Park have faced challenges in maintenance and have become increasingly difficult to uphold to an acceptable standard. Vandalism has been an ongoing problem, and the current layout does not provide a safe environment for users. 

To address these issues, the proposed solution involves a total strip-out and redesign of the internal layout. The plan includes up to 5 externally accessed toilet cubicles, featuring gender-neutral options and a ‘Changing Places’ certified provision. The redesign aims to enhance safety, reduce vandalism, and improve overall efficiency. With less space required for general circulation and hand washing stations, an improved layout would free up the 12 square meters required to install a certified ‘Changing Spaces’ toilet. 

The overarching vision of this project is to provide an improved toilet provision accessible to all, housed in an environmentally sustainable building. The specific goals include the creation of a new layout with externally accessed toilets, provisions for women, men, and gender-neutral facilities, ‘Changing Places’ certification, and improved sustainability and efficiency in design and management. 

The Project Proposal Document (PPD) has been crafted, and the design plans have been approved, marking a significant milestone in the project’s progress. The next phase will involve planning and costings to ensure a streamlined execution. 

The proposed completion date for this transformative project is anticipated around March 2025. The focus will now shift to planning and cost assessment. 

Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council remains committed to enhancing community facilities and looks forward to the positive impact this project will have on the residents. 

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