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Welcome to Newtown Signs

A welcome sight for locals and visitors alike!

Seven, stunning Welcome to Newtown signs have been erected in key locations in and around the town this week. The iconic Sarah Brisco Town Clock is displayed in all its glory providing a stunning image as visitors and locals enter the town. The signs are bilingual and in welsh and English state, “Newtown Twinned with a Les Herbiers.”

Newtown Town Councillor Mike Childs speaking about the project stated,

“The Town Council is working hard, with local organisations, to promote Newtown through its Place plan and Tourism strategy.  This will be even more important as the town recovers from the covid-19 restrictions. 

We hope that the new signs will improve the entrances to the town, making it look an interesting and welcoming place to stop and visit. We would like to thank local business Dragon UAV for the image”

The new signs which are located at Llanidloes Road, Dolfor Road, Kerry Road, Llanwchaiarn Road, Llanfair Road and Milford Road are a welcomed upgrade on the tired and old signs before them.


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