Accessible Stroll 2 Four Bridges on River Severn

Approached from Back Lane car park, the walk starts and ends at the Dolerw Park pedestrian bridge. This accessible walk is fairly flat along paved paths with one road to cross.

1.3 miles • 30 minutes • Easy




Facing the bridge take the lower of the two right-hand paths, closest to the river. Follow the path under the next bridge, Long Bridge, continuing on the path to the third bridge, a pedestrian bridge known as ‘Half Penny Bridge’, and under that to where the path slopes upwards leaving the river below. Continue along the path where you will notice a car park below to your right, and further along McDonalds on your right as you reach the fourth bridge, The Cambrian Bridge, where you turn left to cross the bridge.


At the other side of the bridge take the first left into Cambrian Gardens, following the road as it curves to the right where you will see the ‘Halfpenny Bridge’ in front of you. Head for the foot of the bridge up the ramp and cross over the river. At the other side turn left down the ramp and immediately right at the bottom of the ramp to follow the footpath ahead overlooking the river. 


You will pass the ruins of St Mary’s church on your left before you reach ‘The Elephant & Castle’ hotel on your left. (Note: If you would prefer not to cross the road at the Elephant & Castle you can turn left ahead off the ramp and return by the lower path you started on.) Cross the road ahead towards the old flannel exchange and continue along the footpath at the top of the flood defences bank back to the Dolerw Park pedestrian bridge.

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